Wickham Design Practice is based in London and is driven to produce high quality buildings and public spaces.
The practice's interests lie in helping its clients get the most from their site and in delivering well considered, beautiful places in which to live and work.
We aim to produce work that will age well, and we deliver this through good design, working closely with clients, and the careful management of the procurement and construction process.
We think that a room or building should form the best possible backdrop to the life that is lived within it. In order to do this, the spatial and material qualities that characterise it must be attuned to the site and the daily rituals of its users. The materials chosen and their detailing help to develop the appropriate atmosphere. The work is focused on creating a sense of coherence between new and existing elements of each project rather than on a particular style or aesthetic.
Matt Wickham:
Matt is an Architect, RIBA Chartered Member and a Certified Passive House Designer. 
Matt has diverse experience, having worked both within the architectural profession and as a site foreman for a construction company. This gives him a unique perspective on producing well designed and constructed buildings. Matt's Certification as a Passive House Designer means he is also knowledgable in the design and construction of low energy buildings, and is keen to help client's achieve Passive House or EnerPhit status for their projects.
Matt has also worked for several award winning architectural practices including Dow Jones Architects, Threefold Architects and Architecture for London.