The complete refurbishment and extension of a home in the Chiswick House Conservation Area.
Works have recently been completed to add a two storey side extension, single storey rear extension and loft conversion to this 1930s semi detached house. The house was a fairly typical example of an interwar 'semi' in a style that borrows from various vernacular motifs. The existing property was divided on its front facade between good quality red brickwork at ground floor level and and white render above. In some places the brickwork had been painted over, and this paint has been stripped away and the original brickwork restored.
The areas we have added to the property continue this material palette and some of the brickwork 'dentil' detailing around to the side and rear elevations, giving them a better proportion and feeling of robustness.  There is now a consistency and coherence to the house which it was possible to create without trying to imitate the nineteen thirties style. 
The new ground floor extension has created a series of connected living, kitchen and dining spaces. 
Photographs of the completed project to be added soon.