A feasibility study for a new mews house in south London.
The proposal is for a new home laid out in a split level arrangement, with a series of private outdoor spaces that avoid overlooking the neighbouring properties.
Due to the proximity of neighbouring houses and gardens, overlooking is a possible issue, and doors and windows have been arranged to look inwards into the hidden courtyard garden,  with roof lights used to bring in additional light.
At the lowest level, the bedroom accommodation opens onto a partially sunken courtyard garden. Above this, the kitchen and dining room connect to a terrace that also forms part of the courtyard. The top floor living space joins a private roof terrace.
Internally, the different levels are connected vertically by a full height void that brings additional light into the rooms on the north facing side of the building.
Splitting the level of the house and sinking the south facing side of the house below ground level has allowed a generous amount of outdoor garden space to be created on a relatively small plot.