The refurbishment of a 1960s flat in a local authority block.
This flat had previously had works done that were poorly carried out and needed undoing. The extent of the work required gave the scope to reconsider the layout of the flat and the priorities given to the different rooms. 
By making better use of the existing space, it was possible to remove the small kitchenette from the living space and create a separate kitchen and new bathroom. Attention was paid to removing and reducing the size of the boxing out for services that was in many of the rooms.
Light coloured cork flooring has been used in the living room and bedrooms to improve the acoustic qualities of the rooms and give a cleaner, brighter finish than had existed. Storage has been carefully considered to minimise clutter throughout the flat.
Working in a local authority block presents additional administrative hurdles in gaining leaseholder permission from the council and agreeing all the new layouts and construction specifications in advance of starting the work.